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Publications Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski in open access
Publications Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski in open access
Publications are available on the Digital Library
70th anniversary of the Silesian University of Technology - new collection
May 24, 2015 year marks 70 years by decree of the Presidium of National Council was formed Silesian University of Technology. In honor of this anniversary, a new collection: 70th anniversary of the Silesian University of Technology: a collection of publications and materials from the period 1945-2015.
The first inauguration of the academic year, Silesian University of Technology was held on 29 October 1945. 2750 began teaching the students. Plans and programs of study were based on models drawn from the Lviv Polytechnic. Also, Silesian University of Technology professors formed in 1945 mainly former employees of the Lviv Polytechnic. University were the four departments: Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering and the Engineering and Construction.
The legacy of Professor Stanisław Fryze
Stanislaw Fryze - electrical engineer, one of the greatest electrical engineers, a pioneer in this field of science, patriot, founder of the Lviv school of electrical and Silesia, co-founder of the theoretical fundamentals of electrical engineering, associate professor of the Department of General Electrical Engineering and the Lviv Polytechnic Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology. Member of the Academy of Sciences and the Polish Physical Society. Posthumously - honorary member of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers.
New collection in the Digital Library - Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej
New collection in the Digital Library - Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej 
     The Main Library of the Silesian Technical University started the digitization of all series "Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej" The collection is in the supplement - publishing the work proceeds in order from oldest issues in individual notebooks.
     Access to content is possible to level the article. The resource is available without restriction.
     We encourage all interested parties to view and read!
Doctoral dissertations in the B.C.
The Main Library has completed the introduction of electronic versions of doctoral dissertations for Digital Library project : "Development of hardware and software platforms and local networks for virtual infrastructure of the Main Library of the Silesian University of Technology in order to acquire , create and share scientific resources ." Thesis , Silesian University of Technology researchers are of the computers in the building of the Main Library . This collection arouses interest among students and staff and the Polish scientific community , which is why we encourage the authors of dissertations for wider sharing your texts under license :

Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Poland : http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/pl/legalcode

or under a license agreement available at the Digital Library : http://delibra.bg.polsl.pl/dlibra/text?id=for-aut

If interested, please contact: Central Library , ul. Kashubian 23 /p.317 tel: 32 237-14-34, e-mail: bg.bcpsl@polsl.pl
New collection in the Digital Library
Pedagogical College Silesian University of Technology invites you to the newly created collection of their harvest Digital Library
Creative Commons licenses

Creative Commons licenses, are acting in accordance with the principle of "some rights reserved" instead of "all rights reserved". They offer a diverse set of license terms, so that the author can decide the basis on which you want to share your creations with others.

The journal "Informatyka" in the Silesian University of Technology Digital Library
The journal "Informatyka" in the Silesian University of Technology Digital Library.

In the framework of the Central Library of the Polish Society of Informatic, have been digitized and placed in the Digital Library of the journal "Informatyka" and "Maszyny Matematyczne" for all years of the publication in print.
All interested in the history of the computer industry, and the same calculating machines and computers in our country, we invite you to collection: Newspapers

Digital Library Resources PSL. Europeana
Our resources digital library with collections of other libraries of Digital Libraries Federation were in Europeana - the European Digital Library. Resource Connection FBC was December 11. Over 250 thousand. Publication of Polish digital libraries bolster Europeana collections. Polish Europeana increased contribution therefore 0.4% to 5.5%.
More details in the press release Poznan Supercomputing and Networking: A quarter of a million Polish digital objects in Europeana
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